Curriculum Vitae

Academic Positions

Monmouth, Oregon
Summer 2015-Present
Associate Professor of English
Chair of English Department
Director of Professional Writing

  • Meet with faculty in Professional Writing to plan courses, discuss pedagogies, and determine course schedule
  • Created five new Professional Writing courses in first quarter of work
  • Wrote descriptions and outcomes for new Professional Writing track
  • Directing Assessment of Written Inquiry Professional Learning Community at Western (reviewing all Writing classes, Writing-Intensive classes, and classes in programs whose outcomes involves Writing across the university)
  • Selected to create a Graduate Writing Course for all graduate programs
  • Created Advisory Board for Professional Writing
    • Applied for and was provided with Professional Writing Advisory Board Coordinator intern, worked with intern to create structure for board and meetings
    • Met with Monmouth’s Community Development Officer, WOU’s Business and Economics division, Public Relations, Service Learning and Career Development, The Research Institute at WOU, the CLAS Dean’s Office and many other faculty and staff to learn connections between WOU and local industries

Dayton, Ohio
Fall 2011-Spring 2015
Assistant Professor of English
Director of Professional and Technical Writing

  • Sought new internships, eventually gained more internships than were eligible students
  • Created six new topics courses and seven new syllabi over three years
  • Featured in Dayton Daily News article about collaboration with local STEM school (12/20/2013)
  • Featured in three university press releases about community engagement and securing donations to the college (12/26/2013, 3/7/2014, 4/10/2014)
  • Invited to speak about College of Liberal Arts internship initiative at Fall 2013 event for CoLA faculty
  • Honored for work at 2014 College of Liberal Arts Internship Breakfast event
  • Formed Professional and Technical Writing Club, led career building events each semester


West Lafayette, Indiana
Fall 2006-Summer 2011
PhD in Rhetoric and Composition

  • Focus on study of writing and communication with attention to classical rhetoric, public rhetorics, and new media
  • Dissertation: Catalyzing Persuasion: Toward a Theory of Kairos and Repetition, a rhetorical theory-based study of the interplay between repetitive communication and time in wide-scale persuasive acts
  • Dissertation Committee: Thomas Rickert (chair), Patricia Sullivan, Richard Johnson-Sheehan, Daniel Smith, Samantha Blackmon

Columbia, South Carolina
Fall 2004-Summer 2006
MA in 20th Century American Literature

  • Emphasis on 20th Century postmodern novel and Film Studies
  • Thesis: The Man Possessed, The Man Blessed: Gender Politics in Two Films by Charlie Kaufman
  • Thesis committee: Susan Courtney (chair), Ina Hark

Cincinnati, Ohio
Fall 2000-Fall 2003
Honors BA in English, Cum Laude

  • Awarded Presidential Scholarship and Edgecliff Alumni Scholarship
  • Student Liaison between Edgecliff College and Xavier University



Fall 2019
Faculty Advisor of the Year
Nominated by students. Award for faculty member whose advising and (in my case) career help is considered outstanding by student advisees.

Spring 2016
Mario and Alma Pastega Award for Excellence in Teaching
Nominated by students. As a first year teacher, I was ultimately ineligible to win.


Fall 2011-Spring 2013
Portfolio Paper Advisor
Advised five graduate students on their portfolio papers (the equivalent of shorter theses) to graduation

Fall 2014
President’s Day Workshops
At request of English department head, planned CoLA President’s Day Workshops to recruit visiting students.

Fall 2012, Spring 2013
Invited Presentations
Invited by colleagues to give presentations for students on creating conference presentations and career documents


Spring 2010
Dean’s Award for Best Instructor Project
Awarded, with panel. The Introductory Composition at Purdue showcase gives the Dean’s award for best instructor project. Our project developed pedagogical approaches to the graphic novels of Harvey Pekar, the late writer.

Spring 2007
Quintilian Award for Top Instructor Ratings
Awarded. Award was given by Introductory Composition at Purdue Program for the achievement of teaching scores within top ten percent of all instructors.


2005-2006 Academic Year
Irene D. Elliot Award for Outstanding Teacher
Nominated. Award is nominated and granted by the faculty and staff of University of South Carolina.

2005-2006 Academic Year
Cile Moise Award for Outstanding Teacher
Nominated. Award is nominated and granted by ENGL-101 students of University of South Carolina.



I have taught 66 classes, 63 of which were in writing and 44 of which were Professional Writing. Most of the courses I prepped from scratch or revised substantially before each term.

Of these sections, there have been 32 different course types, 29 of which were writing, and 18 of which were Professional Writing. 6 courses were focused on multimedia writing and design courses, 9 were graduate/undergraduate hybrid courses, and 3 courses were exclusively for graduate students.


Professional Concerns, WR 596/496, 405W (3 sections)

Professional Editing, WR 414,  402W (2 sections)

Writing Across Media, WR 401W (2 sections)

Complexity and Emergence (Topics course),  399H (1 section)

Integrating Writing and Design, WR 323, 301W (3 sections)

Grant Writing (Topics Course), WR 303W (1 section)

Popular Business Writing (Topics Course), WR 303W (1 section)

Business Writing, WR 321 (1 section)

Workplace and Technical Writing, WR 300 (6 sections)

Introduction to Writing Studies, WR 230 (2 sections)

College Writing II, WR 135 (1 section)


Rhetoric and the Power of Suggestion, ENG 780 (1 section)

New Media and Composition, ENG 7430 (1 section)

The Study of Professional Writing ENG 7240 (1 section)

Professional Editing, ENG 6/4650 (1 section)

Professional Writing Software (Topics Course), ENG 6640/4640 (3 sections)

Documentation and Usability (Topics Course), ENG 6640/4640 (2 sections)

Grant Writing and Usability (Topics Course), ENG 6640/4640 (1 section)

Popular Professional Writing (Topics Course), ENG 605/405 (1 section)

Document Design, ENG 600/400, 6420/4620 (3 sections)

Technical Writing, ENG 333, 5610/3610 (4 sections)

Research Writing and Argumentation, ENG 2100 (1 section)

Writing in Academic Discourse ENG 102 (2 sections)

Academic Writing and Reading, ENG 101, 100 (2 sections)


Technical Writing, ENGL 42100 (3 sections)

Business Writing, ENGL 42000 (4 sections)

Multimedia Writing, ENGL 41900 (2 sections)

Writing Lab Tutor, Guide, Workshop Leader, Conversation Group Leader (4 semesters, 1 summer)

Introduction to Composition, ENGL 10600 (4 sections)

Introduction to Composition, ENGL 10600: Computer Information Technology Learning Community (2 sections)


Composition, ENGL-101 (1 section)

Composition and Literature (2 sections)

Themes in American Writing: “American Sanity and Neurosis,” ENGL-285 (2 sections)

Senior Research Assistant to Paula Feldman, PhD, and Meili Steele, PhD (1 semester)

Personal Tutor for Varsity Track Athletes (1 summer)



“Beyond “Just Sit Down and Do It”: Writing Advice from Published Rhetoric and Composition Scholars.” Pedagogy: Critical Approaches to Teaching Literature, Language, Composition, and Culture. 17.2 (2017): 131-156. Coauthor Jaclyn M. Wells.

“Taken Under Advisement: Perspectives on Advisory Boards from Across Technical Communication.” IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication. 60.1 (2017): 76-96. Coauthors John Spartz and Ryan Weber.

“Speculative Usability.” Journal of Technical Writing and Communication. 46.1 (2016): 125-146. Coauthor Nathaniel Rivers.

Purdue OWL Podcasts. “Introduction to Rhetoric.” “Invention and Prewriting.” “Logos.” “Ethos.” “Pathos.” “Types of Media.” February 2009. 10 April, 2010. Coauthors Mark Hannah, Morgan Reitmeyer, and Christina Saidy.

“Designing an Effective PowerPoint Presentation: Overview, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.” Purdue Online Writing Lab. 2007. 15 March, 2010.

“Unrequited Adapation: Charlie Kaufman and The Orchid Thief.” From Camera Lens to Critical Lens: Best Film Adaptation Essays. New York: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2007. 109-123.


“Elaborating a Network: Rhetoric’s Relationship with Psychology’s Elaboration Likelihood Model and the Promise and Risks of Expanding It.” Networked Humanities. Clemson, South Carolina: Parlor Press, 2017.
Status: Proofs approved, heading to press.


“Big Data, a Rhetorical Thing.” JAC: Journal of Rhetoric, Culture, and Politics.
Submitted 9/16/2015, queried 8/15/2017. Coauthors Nathaniel Rivers and Mark Hannah.


“Reviewing Each Other: Recently-Published Scholars in Rhetoric and Composition Suggest Responsibilities of Editors, Reviewers, and Authors in the Peer Review Process” [working title] Coauthor Jaclyn M. Wells.
Status: research and coding completed, drafting now
Destination Journal: College Composition and Communication
Timeline: submission by December 2017.

“Video Games and Materiality: How the Body is Portrayed and Enacted in Video Games” [working title]. Coauthor Jeremy Tirrell.
Status: research, reviewing material paradigms in Rhetoric and Composition
Destination Journal: Computers and Composition
Timeline: submission in Spring 2018.

Grants and Donations

$4000 awarded by College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Dean’s Office to organize Advisory Board at Western Oregon University February 2016

$67,000 donation secured for College of Liberal Arts from Madcap Software and Adobe Systems March 2014

$3,722 Faculty Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity Grant won from College of Liberal Arts March 2014

$500 Founders Fund Grant awarded to hold student event with invited guests for Professional and Technical Writing club February 2014


“Beyond ‘Just Sit Down and Do It’: Writing Advice from Published Rhetoric and Composition Scholars.” Panel. Conference on College Composition and Communication. 4/7/2016.

“Chaos and the Service Learning Lifecycle.” Council for Professional and Scientific Programs. 10/7/2017. [NOTE: conference was cancelled due to Hurricane Matthew, but I had been accepted to present and created the slides and written the presentation.]

“Shadow Leadership: Leading Behind the Scenes.” with undergraduate student Connor Williams. Western Oregon University Leadership Conference. 1/23/16.

“Writing in Our Discipline: The Composing Process of Faculty Writers.” Conference on College Composition and Communication. Tampa, FL. 3/20/15.

“Viable, Not Just Triable: Research to Discover the Necessary Conditions for a Program.” Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication. Logan, UT. 10/1/2015.

“How to Hide an Atomic Bomb, Spy on Your Neighbors, and Build a Space Telescope: Lessons from Government Networks on Technology and Secrecy.” Panel. Rhetoric and Society of America Conference. 5/22/2014.

“The International Tech Writing Class: Planning a Graduate Course with TESOL, ESL, and Technical Writing Faculty.” Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication Annual Conference. 10/11/13.

“Transcending Complex Systems: The Potential for Suggestion Pedagogy.” Networked Humanities: From Within and Without the University. 2/15/13.

“Assessing Popular Science in Theory.” 16th Annual Conference of the Association of Teachers of Technical Writing. Las Vegas, NV. 3/13/13.

“Me Teacher, You Student: The Promises and Practices of Digital Nativity.” Panel. Computers and Writing National Conference. 5/17/12.

“The Vicious Cycle: Memory, Loss, and Return.” Panel. Society for Literature, Science and the Arts Conference. Indianapolis, IN. 10/28/10.

“One Piece at a Time: A Web Design Pedagogy of Gradual Growth.” Computers and Writing Conference. West Lafayette, IN. 6/22/10.

“Dis/Connecting the Downturns: Metaphors and Time in Recession Rhetoric.” Rhetoric Society of America Conference. Minneapolis, MN. 5/31/10.

“Questioning Received Knowledge: Research in WC Theory and Practice.” Panel. East Central Writing Center Association Conference. Columbus, OH. 4/11/09.

“Professional Formatting Rules of Thumb: Sustainable Business Writing Visual Critique Skills for Tutor Training.” East Central Writing Center Association Conference. West Lafayette, IN. 4/4/09.

“Kairotical Memory: How Collective Memory Processes Form Kairotic Moments.” Conference on College Composition and Communication. Louisville, KY. 3/18/10.

“Emergent Kairos.” Conference on College Composition and Communication. San Francisco, CA. 3/13/09.

“Talkin’ Bout my Lacrimation: The Rhetoric of Affect in Public Crying.” Miami English Graduate and Adjunct Association Symposium. Oxford, OH. 3/28/09.

“Access and Competition: Profile of a Digital Information Literacy Business.” Georgia Conference on Information Literacy. Savannah, GA. 10/3/08.

“I’se Sho’ Gwine to Hear Him: Rhetorical Dialect in Booker T. Washington’s Up From Slavery. College English Association Conference. New Orleans, LA. 4/13/07.

“Who Knows Crap About Life: Gendered Writing Styles in Adaptation.” Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Conference. Boston, MA. 4/7/07.

“Langston Hughes and the Rainbow Mystery of Harlem.” College English Association Conference. San Antonio, TX. 3/8/06.

“Theatrical Power: The Rhetoric of Power in Ernst Lubitsch’s To Be or Not To Be and Shakespeare’s Hamlet.” Southwest/Texas Popular Culture Association Conference. Albuquerque, NM. 2/15/07.

“Unrequited Adaptation: Charlie Kaufman and The Orchid Thief.” Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Conference. San Diego, CA. 3/24/05.


Founder and Director (Spring 2017-Present) Professional Writing Advisory Board
Invited Facilitator and Member (Fall 2016-Present) Graduate Studies Assessment Workgroup, for whom I have led group reviews of graduate portfolios
Invited At-Large Member (Fall 2016-Present) At Dean’s request, serve as at-large member of Graduate Studies Committee for College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Co-writer (Summer 2015) Professional Writing Track Proposal, course descriptions and outcomes

Invited Member and Reviewer (Fall 2014-Present) Program Committee Member/Submissions Reviewer

(Writing commons is a peer-reviewed, open-source writing textbook specializing in Professional Writing)
Invited Reviewer (Fall 2014-Present) Submissions Reviewer

Director (2011-Present) Professional and Technical Writing Program
Founder and Advisor (Fall 2011-Present) Professional and Technical Writing Club
Elected Member (2013-Present) Faculty Senate Information Technology Committee
Elected member (2012-Present) Senate Elections Committee
Invited Member (Fall 2013-Spring 2014) College of Liberal Arts Technology Committee
Member (Fall 2011-Spring 2012) English Department Technology Committee

Reviewer (2011-Present) Review Board

Co-Founder (Fall 2009) Rhetoric Society of America Chapter at Purdue
Webmaster (Spring 2008-Spring 2010) Rhetoric and Composition PhD Student Prelim Website
Elected Member (Fall 2009-Spring 2010) Excellence in Teaching Committee
Leader (Fall 2008-Spring 2010) Syllabus Approach for Composition: “Writing Their Way into Purdue”
Member (Fall 2008-Spring 2009) Planning Committee for ECWCA Conference
Elected Member (Fall 2006-Spring 2008) Introductory Writing Committee
Designer (Fall 2007, Fall 2008) Professional Writing Showcase Logo


President (Fall 2005-Spring 2008) Graduate English Association
Secretary (Fall 2004-Spring 2005) American Literature Colloquium



Spring 2010
Graduate Teaching Certificate

Fall 2008
Writing Lab Tutor Practicum (ENGL 502)

Fall 2007
Professional Writing Practicum (ENGL 505M)

Fall 2007
Teaching First Year Composition (ENGL 505A and 505B)


Fall 2006-Spring 2007
Teaching of Composition (ENGL 701A and 701B)